How To Keep Your WordPress Site Safe from Hackers

How To Keep Your WordPress Site Safe from Hackers

Turning your WordPress website safer. Nothing is 100%, but following our tips, you can keep many hackers far from your code.

Change the Admin Username
NEVER use the default ‘admin’ as a username! If you do, you have just made a hacker’s job a lot easier, and if a hacker hacks in with user the admin username, they will have complete control of your website.

Use a Strong Password or Long Passphrase
Having stronger or longer passwords can minimize brute force attacks and make it more difficult for someone to hack. Changing your password regularly including a combination of letters, numbers, symbols, will keep your website much safer.

Limit Login Attempts
Secure passwords are not enough. A basic brute force attack will work like a charm and let the hacker get into your website. Limiting login attempts will prevent brute force attacks.

Do you want to keep more safe? We have solutions to keep your website safer, storing in our Secure Cloud, banning the IP of attackers, filtering requests by their country and more.

Keep Your WordPress Install Up-To-Date
WordPress releases regular updates in order to minimize vulnerabilities. Make sure your version is always up-to-date.

Keep Your Themes and Plugins Up-To-Date
Make sure that you are only using themes and plugins that you trust and that are being updated regularly. Try to install plugins from the WordPress Plugin Directory. Wrong plugins can introduce vulnerabilities or even backdoors to your websites.

Limit Access
You should not give guest contributors or contractors full control unless absolutely necessary and you should remove it once the job is complete. Contributors themselves can be hacked, especially if they are not using a strong password.

Back It Up
We have solutions to keep your files, database, plugins, themes, settings, mail, backed up.

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